Our "Oil Cloths" are not your Grandmother's oil cloth. That was made from vinyl,stiff and prone to cracking. Our selections are coated cottons or cotton blends. This makes the fabric more pliable to work with than traditional oil cloths. Great for benches, chairs, place mats and tablecloths when you want easy clean up without sacrificing style. While intended for indoor use, it can be used outdoors as long as you do not allow it to stay wet for long periods of time as this may cause the fabric to mildew.Just hang to dry.

These kid friendly fabrics are semi-porous so we recommend wiping up spills quickly with a damp cloth. For tougher stains use a mild non chlorine detergent and rinse well. RED FOOD WILL STAIN IF it sits long enough to seep through the coating. While you can wash it in a washing machine in warm water on the delicate cycle we suggest you don't. Do not use fabric softener or other additives as this can compromise the finish. If you do,hang it up wet and pull it straight. Iron it on the cotton side while damp with a cool iron.

Most of the Marimekko oil cloth is coated with a moisture repellent poly-vinyl finish that since 2008 is free from phthalates and BPA.

Our "oil cloth" from Almedahls of Sweden and Valilla have an acrylic coating with a class II rating from Oeko-Tex, an independent testing and certification system for harmful substances in textiles.

We will custom cut any of these fabrics. All our coated cloths will be shipped rolled and should be stored the same way. Fabric shipped outside the US will be folded and may crease.


We will meet any US price on in stock items.

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