Marimekko wallcoverings are made in Italy by Sirpi. Collection I is produced by gravure printing onto vinyl on a non woven backing with a light texture emboss. The vinyl are best for high moisture areas like bathrooms. Collection II is a surface print on a non woven backing. This process gives a more hand-printed appearance and or a water color effect. You could see smooth smears, overlapping of color and occassionally a very slight raised texture.

They are not pre-pasted. A pre-mixed light to medium weight, clear wallpaper adhesive is recommended.

Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch. We recommend you buy 1 extra roll in case there is a mistake during installation or repairs need to be made in the future to insure you have a perfect color match. We cannot guarantee a color match if orders are placed at different times.

Marimekko pattern matches vary by design. You need to know what the pattern match for your wallpaper is so you can install it properly. There are 3 major types.

No design match means you can put up the paper anyway you want.

Straight across match have design elements which match on adjoining strips. Each strip will match at the ceiling line.

Drop match means that every other strip will match at the ceiling line and the design elements run diagonally.

A card will be enclosed with your order that explains pattern matches, batch numbers and care instructions. In addition each roll will include installation instructions.

Wallcoverings are NOT returnable.